Open sourced web SD engine – Kickstarter funding

Open sourced System Dynamics web engine

Bobby Powers, iSeeSystems alumni and part of the development team behind STELLA Modeler for the iPad, is creating a free web platform for System Dynamics models on Kickstarter called “Approachable System Dynamics”. The goal is to create a no download, no cost method to share System Dynamics models online:

I want to enable the staggering breadth of existing system dynamics models and insights to spread at the speed of the web, and to drastically lower the friction and barrier-to-entry for creating and modifying SD models. To accomplish this I want to complete a pair of web-based technologies to be finished by the end of June, 2014:

  • An open-source library for displaying, running and exploring models in a web browser, with no reliance on plugins, desktop software to install or a specific web host.
  • A free, web-based model editor focused on traditional stock and flow system dynamics modeling. Accessible from web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even phones, with nothing to install to get started.

Here’s a short video about the project:

Currently the project can simulate System Dynamics XMILE models in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

The end product Javascript library will be open source. The sd.js library will be developed and released under the permissive MIT license, which gives its users the right to use, modify, sell or distribute the sd.js library however you see fit.

Interested in funding the project, go to the Approachable System Dynamics’ Kickstarter page.

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